What Do You Need?

Nutrition information for your puppy, adult dog, or does your dog have a medical issue requiring nutrition intervention?


My Dog Was Sick

I wanted Rin (the puppy pictured in the banner above) to have a long healthy life.  I ensured daily exercise and provided a well-balanced diet – although he did his fair share of food stealing including taking the patty from my hamburger, leaving the bun in my hand, while I was mid-bite. However, at the age of 4 years, he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  I wasn’t ready to let go and decided on a treatment plan which included chemo and prednisone.  This presented its own nutrition challenge…being anorexic from the chemo and being ravenous from the prednisone.  My heart was breaking but I figured I can at least give him the happiest healthiest life possible.  Rin is now 4 years cancer free.  Dog Dietitian can also help you provide the healthiest life possible for your fur-baby through nutrition.   We can provide

  •       Reliable dog nutrition information
  •       Tips for selecting the perfect dog food for your pet
  •       Enhance your dogs health
  •       Recipes
  •       Education on trends

 Our mission

To provide you with fact-based information supported by scientific evidence  so you make a more informed decide on the best nutrition for the health of your dog.

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